• Add holistic intelligence to your sustainable supply chain and create value for your business

  • Make it easy and fast to gather data on sustainability in order to improve your performance

  • Collaborate with your suppliers and create a responsible supply chain

The Aperitas Network is a digital solution for
sustainable supply chain intelligence and cooperation

Customer benefits

Performance management

Obtain powerful and up-to-date sustainability intelligence for the entire supply chain easily, fast and with a minimal effort.

Proactive compliance

Show transparency, demonstrate commitment to sustainability, embrace responsibility and build credibility towards trading partners and key stakeholders.

Risk management

Identify sustainability issues automatically and early. Resolve and prevent potential problems by facilitated cooperation.

Supplier benefits

Smart evaluation management

Create and manage your sustainability data in one single profile and make it easily accessible to new customers.

Coherent collaboration

Become a member of a sustainable supply chain. Improve sustainability performance in collaboration with customers. Learn from the best practices.

Building trust

Display your sustainability performance towards potential customers. Qualify as a valuable partner.

Features that will turn your supply chain into extra value